The climate crisis is real. As real is the dependency of this emergency largely from the buildings we built and those we are going to design and build starting from tomorrow morning. The green buildings movement, although noble in purpose, has produced barely visible results so far. We need to do much more.

The good news is that the International Living Future Institute created the right tools, and we have all the knowledge and the technologies to make a regenerative scenario become real too. Not only that, we believe this is the only truly effective way to slow down the climate disaster, taking concrete steps to achieve the ambitious 2050 European Green Deal goals. And it’s very good business, too.

A paradigm shift is needed, time to act is now. And everyone can do his part, because a positive result will only depend on our individual choices and actions, each of us.

The other good news is that there is already a strong network of brilliant minds with a vision for a Living Future. Living Future Europe was created to help this network grow even more, spreading the culture of Living Buildings across our continent and putting a regenerative approach into practice.

Each of us can be a trim tab for this. A Living Future for Europe to all of us.