Joining the Living Future Europe Masterclass: Regenerative + Agile?

Here’s a roundup of case studies, resources, what to look forward to, and some food for thought before we kick things off!


5 things to look forward to in the first 2 weeks of Masterclass

Just a little taste of what’s to come:

  1. Kitto’s box of goodies, making learning experiences in the virtual world special and interactive. (Look out for it in the post next week!)
  2. Taking on a different mindset with Emmanuel Pauwels, owner of Spain’s first registered Living Building, a historic residence in the Pyrenees Mountains – no mean feat!
  3. How to merge design creativity and science to combat climate change in the building industry with prof. Emanuele Naboni.
  4. Creating a paradigm shift towards regenerative thinking with Martin Brown, founder of Zoom Regenerative, a global conscious collective that nurtures and cross-pollinates this thinking.
  5. Learn about biophilia with Bettina Bolten, both a Biophilic Design Consultant and an architect. She will be able to talk to the practical implications of incorporating this kind of design that aims to physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

4 registered Living Buildings that exist in Europe already

Take a look at some of the amazing projects that Europe already has to offer:

  1. 6 Pancras Square, London – The first ILFI Zero Carbon building in the world (see photo above). This huge building for Google employees, located right by St. Pancras Station, embodies the future of work with a huge emphasis on flexible spaces. Read about the case study or check out this interview with Living Future Hero, Andreas Gyr.
  2. Nature Barn/ Ash Barn, Devon, UK – This 19th Century barn turned residential dwelling was taken on by landscape architecture studio, Digg & Co. in 2018. The house considers the landscape as an integrated wetland with water circulating in pools and back into the River Dalch. Understand the vision for the barn here.
  3. IKON Innovation Centre, Kingsford, Ireland – Building materials company, Kingspan, built this global innovation hub as a living lab – a place to seek answers to big questions. What materials will we need to deliver healthier, net zero carbon buildings in a circular economy? How will buildings be designed in the future and by whom? Take a virtual tour and hear from IKON’s Global Head of Innovation.
  4. Biosphera Equilibrium, Road Show, Italy – A modular housing unit designed to be taken on the road. The Biosphera Project creates new housing modules that test the boundaries of housing technologies and takes them on the road in Europe to share.

3 questions to think about

  1. What do you currently feel is your biggest challenge stopping you from taking on a Living Building or Living Community Challenge?
  2. How do you currently collaborate and co-create in your industry?
  3. What are the main learnings you are hoping to achieve from the Masterclass?

2 resources that are great preparation

  1. This selection of articles about the Living Building Challenge written by the International Living Future Institute. The article on the challenges faced updating a youth conservation campus in Yellowstone National Park, USA, is particularly good.
  2. Check out these resources from the COST RESTORE Body of Knowledge (BoK). You’ll find everything from an atlas of case studies to designing for indoor regenerative environments.

1 quote

“The way to subvert the dominant paradigm is to have more fun than they do and make sure they know it.”

― Jason F. McLennan, Zugunruhe: The Inner Migration To Profound Environmental Change


And that is exactly what we will do – have more fun than a traditional building education program!


We’re looking forward to welcoming all participants of the LFE 2021 Masterclass: Regenerative + Agile in late September.

Want to join the Masterclass? Unfortunately, because there are physical interactive tools, we’re unable to let in extra participants. Email your interest to and we will notify you when the next one comes around!