International Living Future Institute (ILFI) programs push projects beyond standard market expectations for sustainability using regenerative design. With our advisory services, we aim to support project teams tackling the regenerative challenge; we want to help your team put ILFI’s programs into practice by shedding light on tangible pathways towards thriving social and ecological environments.

Charrette facilitation

Charrettes are kick-off meetings to help your team define fundamental and strategic Zero Carbon, Zero Energy, Petal, Living Building Challenge, CORE, Living Product Challenge certification goals. We design the agenda, facilitate a half-day session, and provide a follow-up report.

Design development workshop

Full day deep-dive of your project and the Petal, Zero Carbon or Zero Energy Handbooks. Following a review of the project documents, we will issue a written report to guide your team towards achieving certification. Guidance can be tailored to focus on your needs, for example, Imperatives within a single Petal, select Petals, or all seven Petals of the Living Building Challenge.

Biophilic design workshop

Full day immersive workshop that familiarises your team with the theory and practice of creating a Biophilic Design Framework. This will assist projects in achieving Imperative 19 (Beauty + Biophilia) of the Living Building Challenge.

Biophilic walks to find your biophilic self, with nature immersion and place-based appreciation.

High-level feasibility study

Desk-based consultation with some face-to-face meetings to assess the application of a Zero Carbon or the Living Building Challenge to a prospective or existing development. The study includes an extensive report.

Tender participation assistance

Support to design teams and/or general contractors in the participation to a national or international tender. Assistance in the development  of project proposal aligned with Zero Carbon, Zero Energy, CORE, Petal, Living Building Challenge, Living Community Challenge.

Custom professional development

Based on the experience of our training programs and events (LFE Masterclass, Biophilia Camp, Regenerative Design into Digital Practice crash course, Carbon+Transparency) we can customise a training opportunity for design teams, consulting firms, general contractors, educational institutions.

Custom strategy workshop

Full day workshop to help the organisation develop a strategic development approach following regenerative principles, according to Living Product Challenge (circular manufacturing), JUST label (social equity), Living Building Challenge (regenerative design).

Custom advisory packages

Need tailored support? Our advisory services can be packaged to suit your team’s specific needs. Please contact us at for more

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