Biophilic design is drawing attention in the wake of the global pandemic as a path to solutions for healthy people and cities. However, it has been a key aspect of the Living Building Challenge since its inception and continues to serve as an important blueprint for fostering integrative and occupant-focused building design. Biophilic design shakes up the conceptual process by asking new questions, provokes new reflections on the potential of the built environment and invites the project team to explore the advantages of a design aimed at the connection between human being and nature.

To safeguard our health, building biophilically is now an urgent imperative. To do this, an integrative and multidisciplinary approach is required, which can benefit from the immersive experience in nature, provided by this first “Biophilia Camp” organized in Italy. Biophilia 2022 brings together professionals from all over Europe and trainers from different disciplines (biology, psychology, architecture, engineering, organization, and business strategy) in a formative exploration of the various aspects of biophilic design, to create professional figures capable of provoking a change in the built environment design, construction, and management.

Biophilia and Biophilic Design are elements of Living Future Europe’s character and values, that we develop through the following initiatives: