The Biophilic Society founders – Biophilia Camp 2022, South Tyrol, Italy

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Living Future Europe and a group of biophilic design lovers created a living system and a virtual space to promote the culture of biophilia – the Biophilic Society.

What is the Biophilic Society? 

The Biophilic Society is a network (a living system) of biophilic lovers, experts, researchers, professionals aiming and working to set biophilia and biophilic design at the centre of the conversation on regenerative design, creating the conditions for their large-scale implementation.

Building on the rigor of literature, research, and existing frameworks, the Biophilic Society works to overpass existing biases, breaks paradigms, scouts, and collects the examples from best practices, in order to move the biophilic approach out from a niche, establishing a new modus operandi for the players of the built environment.

Biophilic Society – The vision

A (building) industry where biophilia is the common design approach for products, buildings, and communities.

Biophilic Society – The mission

To create the conditions for a large-scale implementation of the biophilic design approach by means of

  • Keeping the network (living system) of biophilic lovers recognisable, increasing its widespread diffusion
  • Advancing a culture of biophilic design through training and dissemination opportunities, including the Biophilia Camp
  • Exploiting synergies within the network, optimising the match between Biophilic design services demand and supply
  • Showcasing best practices, also through organising the European category of the Stephen R. Kellert Biophilic Design Award

Biophilic Society – Our belief

Reconnecting with nature will save our society.


Your call to action

Sign – Sign the virtual agreement as a founding member, and commit to advocate for this mission

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Strengthen – Strengthen the network (living system) to augment the capacity and effectiveness

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Signatures to Date

Countries Represented

Name Country
Carlo Battisti Italy
Cristina Larcher Italy
Lenna Lockwood France
Malgorzata Lisowska Iceland
Martin Brown United Kingdom
Monica Delgado Belgium
Naho Iguchi Germany
Natali Ghawi Jordan
Nuria Muñoz Spain
Rita Trombin Italy
Bettina Bolten Italy
Ann Vanner United Kingdom
Yvon Muller Netherlands
Nicla Diceglie United Kingdom
Lianne Bongers Netherlands
Andreas Wittmann Germany
Paola Di Legge Ireland
Giuseppe Barbiero Italy
Mathieu Leroy Belgium
Liesbeth Reekmans Belgium
Niccolo Banfi Italy
Terry John United Kingdom
Suzana Barbosa Denmark
Sofia Ostellino Italy
Valentina Longo Italy
Sunni Wissmer United States of America
Simone Conradi Italy
daz michele Italy
Noha Essam Egypt
Gijs Bruggink Netherlands
Nicole Craanen United States of America
Amelia chasey United Kingdom
Florencia Garza Mexico
Lydia Fraaije Netherlands
Massimiliano Busnelli Italy
Amit Anafi Italy
Yara Helsen Belgium
Victor Montero-Dien Costa Rica