Declare is ILFI’s transparency platform and product database that is changing the materials marketplace.

A Declare Label Answers Three Questions:

  • Where does a product come from?
  • What is it made of?
  • Where does it go at the end of its life?

Since its launch in 2012, Declare has positively changed the materials marketplace by offering simplicity and ease of use to both manufacturers and specifiers to facilitate the exchange of information and enable a future of healthier buildings. Last February, ILFI released Declare 2.0, further seeking to expand the program’s reach and push the industry toward a more holistic approach to material health.

Following the launch of an European version of the label in 2019, ILFI has worked on adapting Declare for Europe and we are now thrilled to announce that manufacturers can now screen their products for European Union Chemicals of Concern (EU CoC) at 100 ppm (.01%) in addition to ILFI’s Red List. While not proof of regulatory compliance, this harmonized screening capability allows manufacturers to lead the market through public transparency and demonstrate avoidance of harmful substances..

As you can see from the example of an EU Screened label in the image, any REACH SVHC or SIN List substances that appear over 100 ppm in the product are highlighted in Yellow and the list is noted below. For products free of all REACH + SIN ingredients above 100 ppm the Declare Europe label says: “EU CoC Screened: Does Not Contain“.

Moreover, you can now easily view all Declared labelled products manufactured in Europe directly from the LFE website (currently more than 70), to make it easy to find transparently-disclosed products applicable to European projects. The public and freely accessible Declare database can also help you find products by:

  • Program: Living Product Challenge Certified, Declare, Declare + third party verified, Declare + embodied carbon (pilot)
  • Declaration Status: LBC Red List Free, LBC Red List Approved, Declared
  • Alignment: LBC 4.0, LEED v4 and v4.1, and now EU CoC Screened
  • Manufacturer
  • CSI Division

It’s time to Declare your place in the ‘transparency revolution’. Are you ready? 😉