Living Future Europe is hosting a Force of Nature Climate Café 

1 March 2023 17:30-20:00 CET (UTC+1)
Muntpunt Cafe, Rue Léopold 2, 1000 Bruxelles

Brussels, 2023. Force of Nature and Living Future Europe are partnering to deliver a Climate Café in Brussels on March 1st 2023. The collaboration will work at the junction of mental health, climate crisis and the built environment. 

Force of Nature helps young people turn eco-anxiety into action, and work with leaders to drive intergenerational solutions. Living Future Europe is working towards a Regenerative Europe in which the built environment promotes thriving ecological and social systems.

This collaboration will kickstart with the Climate Café in Brussels. The event will offer a space to navigate and share openly emotions of anxiety, fear and overwhelm regarding the climate and ecological crisis. Particular focus will be paid to the built environment; despite occupying only 2 per cent of global land, the environmental footprint hugely impacts the ecosystem of our planet – 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and a construction pace of one new New York City every month, to name two.

Speakers will include representatives from the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability, ONE, #SustainablePublicAffairs and Living Future Europe. They will share their experiences of working within the sector, their attempts to navigate climate anxiety and offer solutions and actions to engage in. Their contributions will serve to provoke conversation amongst the audience and thus facilitate an information exchange and open discussion. 

A considerable portion of this get together will be dedicated to meaningful conversations among attendees, to navigate our climate emotions, galvanising the community and translate ideas into action. Ultimately, the purpose of this partnership is to extend important conversations on how we can channel eco-anxiety into action. 

The built environment and the building industry as a whole (real estate developers, designers, manufacturers, tenants, policy makers) cannot afford the luxury of ‘doing less bad’ any longer – says Carlo Battisti, President of Living Future Europe – We need a more radical and effective approach towards a regenerative scenario, and this will be possible only through an intergenerational collaboration pact towards a common goal. That’s why we are so enthusiastic about this event as a spark of a hopefully long-lasting partnership with Force of Nature”. 

Clover Hogan, 23-year-old CEO of Force of Nature, said: “Many young people today feel anxious about the crisis, and despairing in the face of widespread inaction – including politicians peddling denial and delay. We are being locked out of decisions affecting our future, and we urgently need spaces to come together and galvanise community action. The Force of Nature team hosted a Climate Café at the Natural History Museum in London during COP27; however, we wanted to ensure that young people around the world had the support to self-organise. That’s why we created a free resource, detailing every step of how to host a climate café, as well as a fund to provide micro-grants to activists facing accessibility barriers.

Event details

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  • Date: March 1st 2023
  • Time: 17:30 – 20:00
  • Location: Muntpunt Café, Rue Léopold 2, 1000 Bruxelles

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