When in Rome: One year of Eyes Hearts Hands

One year after the kick-off of the Horizon Europe funded Eyes Hearts Hands Urban Revolution, one of the six New European Bauhaus (NEB) lighthouse demonstrators, we convened in Rome with all partners for the biannual assembly, hosted by Roma Tre University in their beautiful historic building of the Architecture Department, Palazzo Argiletum

Over the two days, besides providing an update on the running project work packages and the plan for the next activities to be implemented, the core part of the meeting focused on a series of 1-to-1 workshop with the double aim to strengthen the synergies among the ‘horizontal’ partners of the projects with the representatives of the seven lighthouse cities, and to review their demo cases from several different technical, social and financial angles. 

Following a waterfall, we process, the lighthouse districts teams spent half an hour each in each of the eight monothematic rooms, participating in lively conversations centred on their demo cases (buildings, open spaces, districts renovation and revitalisation) and receiving tailored consulting from the project experts.  

In particular, the Living Future Europe team coordinated the 1st room, where we – together with the other partners with social and financial expertise, and the colleagues from the cities – discussed and assessed the level of compliance of the solutions to be adopted for their renovation projects, through the lens of the NEB framework, including its values and working principles. 

On the third day, an open public seminar chaired by University of Roma Tre and organised by Rimond explored the challenges of Green New Deal transition, between climate-neutral cities and flagship EU programs, providing a platform for policy makers and stakeholders to exchange ideas and best practices for sustainable urban development.

The seminar focused on the challenges of transitioning to a Green New Deal, with a particular emphasis on Climate-Neutral Cities and flagship EU initiatives. Central to the seminar was again the New European Bauhaus (NEB), a transdisciplinary movement guiding our societies towards sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion. 

NEB – Living Future Europe is a partner of from 2021 – serves as an accelerator aiming to drive research, inspire positive behaviours, and make an impact on citizens to lead the change towards greener and inclusive cities. The Eyes Hearts Hands project is developing an innovative methodology that embraces the NEB principles, aiming to bridge the worlds of art, culture, and education with science and technology. 

[Cover photo: Beatrice Ferrario on Unsplash]