Regenerative & Agile Building

“What if every single act of design and construction made the world a better place?” The International Living Future Institute, ILFI, is a non-profit organisation that operates the Living Building Challenge: a tool that empowers a future based on regenerative way of building. It is the world’s most ambitious, advanced, and holistic performance standard for green, resilient, and healthy buildings. The Living Building Challenge is a philosophy, advocacy tool and certification program that promotes the measurement of sustainability in the built environment. It is based upon healthy workplaces, thriving communities, beautiful buildings and inspiring products. Carlo Battisti, president of Living Future Europe, will elaborate more on the Living Building Challenge and the other visionary programs that support the transformation toward–and provide a compelling vision for a living future accessible to all.

Duration: 1 hour (19:00 – 20:00)

There is no need to subscribe for this event. Everybody is welcome to join.

Language: English

Address: Gare Maritime – Picardstraat 11, 1000 Brussels (BE)


Living Future Europe 2021 Masterclass. Regenerative + Agile


The built environment sector (supply, design, construction, manage), despite decades (of reports, training, strategies, legislation) is simply not making real progress within the sustainability agenda. Business as Usual, only reducing impact, remains the dominant, degenerative discourse. A discourse that has allowed most players to hide behind a mask of doing as little as possible. There is a real and urgent need to now scale jump from the few regenerative (buildings, materials, places, organisations) to where regenerative solutions are the dominant mindsets, approaches and methodologies.

One of the areas where we at Living Future Europe deem a faster and more effective progress is needed is education and communication. On one hand we need to train new generations of practitioners to make living buildings real and solve the sticky bottlenecks (technical, industrial, financial, cultural) in order to scale up our impact. On the other hand, we need to communicate constantly in an invigorating way that regenerative buildings, products, companies, and communities are vital, technically feasible, ecologically robust, and economically viable.

To achieve these goals, we have established the ‘Living Future Europe Masterclass', an online educational program running between September and December 2021, where we want to address the 'why', the 'what' and the 'how' of living buildings, products, and communities.

  • Why - the rationale and urgency behind the need for a paradigm shift in the built environment design, construction and building management.
  • What - the most advanced applicable frameworks that developers, designers, builders, manufacturers can adopt to achieve this new type of regenerative buildings.
  • How - sound and robust examples and best practices immediately applicable, coming from the experience of our first more than 750 ILFI registered building projects globally.

The Masterclass will include synchronous and asynchronous activities, with a balanced mix of insights, practical examples, and tools.  We will work according to an Agile Framework using Agile tools and practices.

Full positive attendance to the program will provide trainees the opportunity to take part at a hybrid event to be organised concurrent with the next COP26 (2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference), in Glasgow (1-12 November 2021).

The COP26 session will be a fully facilitated day (online/offline/hybrid TBD), with external provocations, invitations, and reflections, developing a LFE Masterclass unique and time stamped COP26 pathway to a regenerative future.

This initiative falls within our partnership with the New European Bauhaus. This will include a series of presentations by and for the trainees describing how the seven Petals of LBC are aligned with the NEB. Moreover, in a hands-on training approach, we will present case studies of LBC registered or certified buildings in Europe, that represent leading examples for the ambition of the NEB initiative.

  • Hands-on Living Building Challenge experience
  • 30 online classroom hrs (+ remote work) with qualified trainers from the LFE Network
  • The Why / the What / the How of LBC
  • Individual / teamwork learning process
  • Agile PM approach
  • Europe based case studies and insights
  • Online tutoring
  • Including 2021 LFE x COP26 Meet-up participation
  • Final event w/ teamwork results presentation
  • A complementary path to the LFA Foundational Curriculum
  • LFA Foundational Curriculum at a discounted price

Learning objectives


  • Upon completion, participants will know more on ILFI programs and labels.
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to apply LBC in practice.
  • Upon completion, participants gain a different mindset needed to address regenerative design + construction.
  • Upon completion, participants will know more on agile project management and its applicability to the built environment transformation process.


Regenerative design, regenerative sustainability, regenerative thinking, agile management, Living Building Challenge, Living Product Challenge, Declare, Scale jumping, Place, Water, Energy, Health + Happiness, Materials, Equity, Beauty, biophilia, biophilic design, design for climate change, Zero Carbon, project management, EU + UK policies.




  • 30 hours (synchronous) including online lessons and workshops, COP26 LFE Meet-up (hybrid), and final event with results
  • Group and individual homework (asynchronous)
  • 20 hours of self-directed learning on LFA Foundational Curriculum online modules (asynchronous) for those interested to become LFA

Learning modes

Self-directed, group work, workshops, in person / hybrid (Glasgow COP26 LFE Meet-up)


  • Notion
  • Discord
  • Mural
  • Google Workspace
  • ILFI Education platform (for those enrolled to the LFA Foundational Curriculum)
  • Kitto


  • online – except a hybrid event: COP26 LFE Meet-up on November 10th, Glasgow [Venue: TBD]



The LFE Masterclass is reserved to professionals based in Europe.

Expected number of trainees

Approx. 20-30 people

Participation fees

Early bird (not later than 31 July 2021) [expired]

  • already an ILFI member:
    Masterclass only: 950 € 
  • already an ILFI member:
    Masterclass + LFA (includes access to LFA Foundational Curriculum at a discounted price): 1.400 €

Regular (1-15 August 2021)

  • already an ILFI member:
    Masterclass only: 1.150 € 
  • already an ILFI member:
    Masterclass + LFA (includes access to LFA Foundational Curriculum at a discounted price): 1.600 €

Registration dates

  • Expression of interest (online form): 15 July 2021
  • Early bird registration: 31 July 2021
  • Final registration: 15 Aug 2021

Please verify you have an ILFI valid membership. If not, please register using this form. When you register, please write LFEUROPE_21 under 'PARTNER CODE'. This will link your membership registration to us at LFE. 

You will be required in the LFE Masterclass registration form (following link) to check if you are an ILFI member or not, and if you just registered, to upload your registration receipt. You will be asked also to upload the Masterclass registration fee receipt (see following payment options). Thanks for your collaboration. 

Link to register




1. Wire transfer to

Living Future Europe ETS
NOI Techpark
Via Alessandro Volta 13a
I-39100 Bolzano


Intesa Sanpaolo
Branch office 55000
IBAN: IT84 J030 6909 6061 0000 0169 809
Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10
I-20121 Milan


2. Paypal payment 






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Refund in case of waiver

In case of cancellation for personal reasons of the participant, the following refunds are provided:

  • until 25 August 2021 inclusive: 100% of the fee
  • between 26 August and 5 September 2021: 50% of the fee.
  • from 6 September 2021: no refunds.

Cancellation of the event

The organization reserves the right to cancel the event for failure to reach a sufficient number of registered participants. In case of cancellation of the event, the organization will promptly inform the participant via email, who is entitled only to a refund of the paid fee.

architects, engineers, project managers, manufacturers, constructors, urban planners, developers, academics, educators, students, designers, sustainability practitioners, researchers, policy makers, public officers, community leaders

  • High-quality hands-on learning on regenerative buildings, products, and communities
  • Certificate of attendance to the first Living Building Challenge based Masterclass in Europe
  • 16 General LFA CE credits [visit living-future.org/lfa for information about LFA enrollment and credit reporting instructions].
  • 20 Foundational LFA credits + Living Future Accreditation (for those successfully completing the Masterclass including LFA Foundation Curriculum program)
  • Open Access to the RESTORE Regenerative Body of Knowledge (rBOK) for the built environment
  • 1 Digital copy of ‘FutuREstorative: Working Towards a New Sustainability’ by LFE VP Martin Brown

General information

Living Future Europe


Tel. +39 0471 1957067

Scientific committee and tutors



Interested in sponsoring the ‘LFE Masterclass. Regenerative + Agile’?
Write to LFE to know more about the sponsorship opportunities 🙂

Kitto Box 

Kitto is a box to do things ‘out of the box’.

It has been designed, developed, and tested on several training sessions during the first COVID-19 lockdown as a deliberate experiment to improve the way we share information, knowledge, and emotions when we are learning

Kitto is specifically built to support online learning experiences, engaging learners in a variety of sensory experiences: the materiality of its notebooks and games, the taste and smell provided by perfumes and tea bags, the sense of sight and curiosity enhanced by its carefully designed fonts, lines, spaces, and colours.

Kitto is a multi-sensorial journey to keep - using the words of Prof. Bruno Munari - the high sensory receptiveness needed to receive data from what is outside us and transform ourselves. And to get in touch with our innovative potential, to be able to have a real impact in our world, shifting to a higher state of awareness and transforming the human structures around us.


Media partner

LFE 2021 Masterclass

Date: 20 Sep - 15 Dec 2021
Location: on-line (and in Glasgow)


Media Kit 

Please contact Living Future Europe at info@living-future.eu for agreement and terms of use.

Regenerative Marketer: Lizzy Campbell lizzyc@hey.com

Graphics: Giulia Battisti giulia.battisti@virgilio.it 


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Updated program available here

The organization reserves the right to replace a trainer with another one of similar competence and experience in case of need due to organizational issues, however keeping the same topics and and the level of the Masterclass.


Zeinab Alameddine

Sustainability expert with 15 years of experience in academia and industry. She has extensive knowledge in the field of building certification and shaped many projects for better thermal and visual comfort. Her dedication leads her to work, research and educate on human health, wellness, light, and the built environment. She has a passion for sustainability and is eager to improve the life of others and create outstanding added value. Living Future Accredited professional (LFA).

Bettina Bolten

Biophilic Design Consultant who has gained experience in academic research and didactic activities on the issues of Biophilia and Biophilic Design. She supports companies and professionals in making architecture and interiors more suitable for the physical and psychological wellbeing of their users, integrating Biophilic Design and Sustainability. Born in Germany, she worked for more than 15 years in the luxury design sector as a strategic design and brand manager in Milan.

Martin Brown

Sustainability Provocateur & Consultant. Author of ‘FutuREstorative’ (RIBA), co-editor of ‘Sustainability, restorative to regenerative’ and ‘RESTORD 2030’ (#CostRestore). VP at Living Future Europe, founder of Zoom Regenerative, a global conscious collective that reciprocates and invigorates, nurtures, and heals, cross-pollinating regenerative practices for a healthy thriving future. He consulted Cuerden Valley Park Visitor Centre and café, 1st LBC UK registered project. Living Future Hero.

David Calas

Architect, educator, writer, curator. He operates between the blurring boundaries of architecture, urbanism, art, and politics. His theory-driven, research-oriented, and practice-related approach focuses on meaningful co-creative strategies, socio-cultural action, and digitalisation. Lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna (2011-19) and Visiting professor at the German University Cairo/Campus Berlin (2019-20). Currently project lead in Eco-Social Design at the Free University of Bolzano.

Vitali Caplain

He is a project manager at Arp-Astrance, in the Sustainable Innovation Management division, and works particularly on topics related to low carbon, materials and resilience of buildings to climate change, at the scale of buildings, but also at the scale of neighborhoods and companies. On a day-to-day basis, he assists project owners in their construction and renovation projects on all environmental aspects, and companies on the elaboration of their decarbonisation strategy.

Bruno Deraedt

Partner at BAST architects & engineers and chairman at VIBE vzw. A well-known voice in Flanders on environmental responsibility and healthy buildings. As an engineering architect, he gained a reputation in the field of sustainable construction, technical installations, and energy calculations. An altruist who always makes the connection between ecology and the housing social dimensions. Owner at UR.gent, 1st LBC registered project in Belgium and 1st LBC historical building renovation in Europe.

Ana Dias

Senior Sustainability Consultant at Mott MacDonald and Living Future Accredited professional. She has built up her experience in providing sustainability guidance and promoting green building performances. Her work includes strategy planning, benchmarking, health & wellbeing, net zero carbon, and international projects. A healthy materials specialist, she advises on procurement strategies, conducts supply chain outreach, and works on the expansion of a materials health design database.

Alexandros Galatoulas

Owner and founder at XYZ - Design/Construction/Real Estate. Project Manager/ Technical Advisor for Sustainable Development and BIM implementation. MEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering, MSc in Construction Economics and Management. Certified Passive House Designer and Living Future Accredited Professional. Local facilitator for the Living Future Institute.

Diana Ilina

A financial expert with more than fifteen years of experience working in diverse industries with an extensive knowledge of contracts, royalties, and real estate. In 2021, she earned her MBA with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and International Business. As a Living Future Accredited (LFA) professional and with a passion for sustainability and green buildings, she founded Lune Realty, a company focused on luxury residential zero-carbon buildings.

Cristina Larcher

After many years of experience as Product & Marketing Manager in companies operating on the international markets, she attended a Master in Humanistic Coaching with a specialization in Life, Corporate & Sport, a Master in Experiential Training, and a Masterclass on Learning Design with Kaos Pilot. Since 2012 she has been working as a facilitator and trainer in the field of behaviour and personal development. Member of AICP, in 2020 she also obtained the Agile Scrum Master Certification.

Lenna Lockwood

An interior designer committed to creating sustainable indoor environments that prioritize occupant health and well-being. The subject of her master’s thesis was on material health in early childhood environments, and it is her personal mission to eliminate chemicals of concern from building products. Born and raised in New York in a family of Polish origin, she has been living and working in France for 4 years. Project Manager at ARP-ASTRANCE. Living Future Accredited professional (LFA).

Emanuele Naboni

Associate Professor at the University of Parma. He practices, teaches, researches, and publishes in the field of architectural technology and production process that lead to Regenerative Environmental Design, and Design for Climate Change, at different scales. Affiliated Professor at the Royal Danish Academy Copenhagen, School of Architecture (KADK), where he was an associate professor for 10 years and still teaches in the program of Architecture and Extreme Environments and CITA masters.

Emmanuel Pauwels

Founder of Green Living Projects in 2009. He has worked with on a large variety of commercial and residential building projects. As a Living Future Accredited professional, his vocation has evolved towards becoming a Regenerative Practitioner, bringing his experience and knowledge of living systems thinking to the field of real estate development. Owner at Cal Guerxo, 1st LBC registered project in Spain as well as consultant on the first CORE registered projects in Spain. Living Future Hero.

Xavi Ramon

He has been working in the construction sector since 2007, focusing on the last five years on the whole life cycle of materials. From the project discovery phase until construction and building use, he works with owners, designers, manufacturers, contractors, tenants to develop and implement a Material Plan that addresses, economic, technical, aesthetics aspects, but also environmental, social and health impacts of building materials, key indicators not usually considered in strategic decisions.

Chiara Valensisi

Civil & environmental engineer working for over 5 years at Isopan's Technical department (Manni Group). She is responsible for the development of products’ certification, and for customer assistance in identifying the best solution, notably on safety and sustainability of the building (advising on fire behaviour, EPD, Declare, LEED and BREEAM protocols). Previously, for 4 years she worked as Proposal Manager for tenders by main international organization (such as Word Bank and EU).

Monique Vergouwen

She has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and is an experienced Six Sigma green belt holder, with a passion for quality, sustainability, and environment. Almost 30 years of experience in Quality & Environmental Management in a large variety of industries. Since 2017 she has been working with ASPECTA B.V. as Sustainability & Quality Assurance Manager. She is responsible and central point of contact for the sustainability coordination of their factories globally, product qualification & quality.


Rethinking Sustainability. RESTORE Springer Book Presentation.

This open access book is based on work from the COST Action “RESTORE – REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy”, and highlights how sustainability in buildings, facilities and urban governance is crucial for a future that is socially just, ecologically restorative, and economically viable, for Europe and the whole planet.

In light of the search for fair solutions to the climate crisis, the authors outline the urgency for the built environment sector to implement adaptation and mitigation strategies, as well as a just transition. As shown in the chapters, this can be done by applying a broader framework that enriches places, people, ecology, culture, and climate, at the core of the design task – with a particular emphasis on the benefits towards health and resilient business practices.

This book is one step on the way to a paradigm shift towards restorative sustainability for new and existing buildings. The authors want to promote forward thinking and multidisciplinary knowledge, leading to solutions that celebrate the richness of design creativity. In this vision, cities of the future will enhance users’ experience, health, and well-being inside and outside of buildings, while reconciling anthropic ecosystems and nature.

A valuable resource for scientists and students in environmental sciences and architecture, as well as policy makers, practitioners, and investors in urban and regional development.


  • 17:00-17:05 Opening Remarks | Laura Ricci, Director of PDTA Dept., Sapienza University of Rome
  • 17:05-17:10 Greetings | Fabrizio Tucci, Coordinator PhD programme in Planning, Design, Technology of Architecture
  • 17:10-17:20 RESTORE COST Action | Carlo Battisti and Martin Brown, Living Future Europe
  • 17:20-17:30 Introduction | Maria Beatrice Andreucci, PDTA Dept., Sapienza University of Rome
  • 17:30-18:00 Round table | Editors meet Authors
  • 18:00-18:30 Keynote Designing Regenerative Cultures | Daniel Christian Wahl
  • 18:30-19:00 Debate and Concluding remarks

Participation is free of charge, upon registration, but places are limited.

Organised by the Department of Planning, Design, and Technology of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome in collaboration with Living Future Europe.


Vers la neutralité carbone du bâtiment

Venez découvrir les stratégies et solutions mises en place en vue de la certification Zero Carbon d’un bâtiment.

À propos de cet évènement

Ce webinar sera l’occasion de vous présenter en détail les objectifs définis par la certification Zero Carbon qui a vocation à se déployer mondialement et qui permet de répondre aux objectifs de visibilité d’actions de réduction de l’empreinte carbone d’une construction neuve et de participation à l’effort mondial de neutralité carbone.

Via l’étude de cas qui sera présentée, vous profiterez d’un véritable retour d’expériences concernant les stratégies et moyens mis en œuvre parmi lesquels : choix de matériaux et modes constructifs bas carbone, recours à l’énergie solaire et à la géothermie sur site, contractualisation avec un fournisseur d’électricité verte et compensation carbone.

Au cours de ce webinar, vous découvrirez :

  • Les exigences et atouts de la certification « Zero Carbon » portée par l’ILFI
  • Les stratégies et moyens mis en œuvre sur le projet d’Entrepôt logistique à Moissy-Cramayel (77) avec les témoignages du Maître d’Ouvrage Prologis et du Constructeur IDEC
  • Les conditions de réussite pour vous engager et mener à bien un projet contribuant à la neutralité carbone

Ce webinar sera animé par :

  • Vitali Caplain, Chef de Projets au sein du Pôle Immobilier Responsable d’ARP Astrance, Living Future Ambassador

Nous aurons le plaisir de recevoir pour ce webinar :

  • Olivier BARGE, VP, Head of Project Management & Innovation Southern Europe, Prologis
  • Frank Lamas, Directeur R&D, Groupe IDEC Ingéniérie

Da Declare a Living Product Challenge (ITA)

Ceipiemonte propone il ciclo di webinar sulla “SOSTENIBILITÀ IN AMBITO EDILIZIO/ARREDO”, dedicato alle aziende piemontesi interessate ai temi della sostenibilità ambientale / di processo e prodotto e azioni di CSR. Tali tematiche verranno affrontate con particolare riferimento alle certificazioni internazionali e a quanto queste stiano diventando fondamentale strumento di competitività imprenditoriale e leva di marketing nei confronti dei clienti internazionali.


  • 15.30 Saluti di benvenuto e introduzione, Ceipiemonte
  • 15.40 Gli strumenti di competitività internazionale per la manifattura edilizia contemporanea, Daniele Guglielmino, Sustainability Specialist, Senior Consultant Green Building, Ceipiemonte
  • 16.00 Da Declare a Living Product Challenge. La rivoluzione della trasparenza, Carlo Battisti – CEO, Living Future Europe
  • 16.20 La certificazione Cradle to Cradle, lo strumento di valutazione della circolarità dei prodotti per la transizione ecologica, Mario Pinoli – CEO, Greenwich
  • 16.40 Testimonianza aziendale
  • 16.50 Q & A
  • 17.00 Conclusione lavori

Poiché finanziata nell’ambito del POR-FESR Piemonte 2014-2020, l’iniziativa è rivolta esclusivamente alle aziende piemontesi, in particolare alle imprese operanti lungo tutta la filiera dell’edilizia:

– Studi di progettazione/ingegneria/architettura/design
– Società di costruzioni e impiantistica
– Gestione, monitoraggio ed efficienza degli edifici
– Materiali green per l’edilizia
– Finiture per interni ed esterni
– Arredi per interni ed esterni
– Illuminazione per interni ed esterni
– Rubinetteria e accessori
– Altri complementi d’arredo



RESTORE READY Malmö Intro to ILFI programs

RESTORE READY Conference in Malmö [16.04.2021] • Introduction to the International Living Future Institute´s programmes | Jonas Gremmelspacher (Solenco, Malmö – Sweden)


RESTORE READY Warsaw LBC in Poland

RESTORE READY Conference in Warsaw [16.03.2021] • Living Building Challenge. Introduction and perspectives in Poland | Katarzyna Wojda (LF Ambassador)

[1:17:15 – 1:31:50]

RESTORE READY Athens Crosswalk PHI vs Zero Energy

RESTORE READY Conference in Athens [12.03.2021] • Crosswalk PHI vs Zero Energy | Aggeliki Stathopoulou (Director of Net Zero, Certified Passive House Designer, LF Ambassador)


RESTORE READY Athens Introduction to LBC and Declare

RESTORE READY Conference in Athens [12.03.2021] • Introdution to Living Building Challenge and Declare | Alex Galatoulas (LF Collaborative Greece Facilitator – XYZ Design/Build Director, LFA)