We are happy to welcome Habitech among the Just organisations, joining a group of innovative companies aiming to advance progress and address social equity in the building sector 😊

True sustainability has always been about a balanced attempt to consider the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) in policy development and implementation. Often referred to as the three P’s (People, Profit, Planet) or the three E’s (Equity, Economics, Environment), most sustainability initiatives have focused only on environmental and economic concerns. A clear and concerted effort to address social equity issues has been generally absent in most businesses, organizations, and institutions.

In 2009, the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) updated the Living Building Challenge (LBC) Program and introduced an Equity category, the first time a green building program explicitly addressed social justice concerns. In 2012, ILFI launched its Declare Program, a transparency platform for manufacturers to disclose their product’s ingredients. Strongly believing in the power of transparency and the power of the market to transform society into a future that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative, ILFI launched JUST in 2014 to further harness the power of transparency and gain traction in market forces to create social change.

In 2020 Habitech chose to give strength to its objectives on these issues and to measure itself with international indicators, obtaining the JUST label. To achieve these goals, they worked on their social responsibility profile by declaring and making public the results from their equity policies and practices.

According to the six Just categories they measured themselves on: diversity & inclusion, equity, employee health and wellbeing, employee benefits, stewardship, purchasing & supply chain, achieving full compliance on some important indicators such as: gender diversity, full-time employment, pay-scale equity, and health care. This is not only an end goal, but a valuable step in the process of continuous improvement Just helps to implement.

Check out Habitech Just case study 😊

About Just

The Just program is a voluntary disclosure tool for organizations. Just is not a certification program, it is a transparency platform for organizations to disclose their operations, including how they treat their employees and where they make financial and community investments.

Just is a nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations.

This approach requires reporting on a range of organization- and employee-related indicators. Each indicator outlines measurable accountabilities in order for the organization to be recognized at four levels of performance, which are summarized elegantly on the label. Organizations can use the label on their website or marketing to demonstrate their commitments to these issues.

Just marks the beginning of a new era of corporate transparency.

The goals of the JUST Program are simple yet profound:

  1. to elevate the discussion around social justice concerns in all organizations,
  2. to create a common language and measurement framework for social justice issues,
  3. to elevate the cause of those individuals and activists who lead on these issues,
  4. to improve the H.R. policies and practices of thousands of organizations worldwide,
  5. to make life better for workers from all walks of life.

Here you can download the Just User Manual 2.0 for free.

About Habitech

Habitech is an Italian consortium of three hundred companies which provides consulting services to generate value in the building industry.

A Living Future Europe partner, Habitech – Trentino Technological District for Energy and the Environment is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (Italy), with the aim of creating in Trentino business networks and production chains specialized in the sectors of sustainable construction, energy efficiency and smart technologies for land management. A structure independent of public and private funding that reinvests 100% of profits in the development of innovative projects with a real impact.

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