LFE is playing an active role in championing the International Living Future Institute programs in Europe, focusing on educating and assisting a broader audience of interested practitioners on how to build Living Building Challenge projects and help spur demand for healthy, transparent materials and Declare and Living Products.

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) is a non-profit working to build an ecologically minded, restorative world for all people. Using principles of social and environmental justice, ILFI seeks to counter climate change by pushing for an urban environment free of fossil fuels.

For establishing ILFI’s programs in Europe, LFE regularly hosts educational workshops, courses, and events to discuss ILFI’s regenerative design frameworks. To bring these events to life, LFE relies on a network of volunteers in Europe; this includes Living Future Ambassadors and Living Future Accredited professionals (you can find their profiles here), as well as in general all the members of the LF Network in Europe.

Below are additional activities we are doing to promote ILFI programs:

  •  LFE is the first point of contact for technical inquiries regarding ILFI’s programs
  •  Provide assistance for design teams or developers assistance in the pre-registration phase of Living Building Challenge, CORE, Zero Carbon, Zero Energy projects
  •  Support manufacturers in the pre-registration phase of Declare labelled or Living Product Challenge certified products
  •  Support companies in the pre-registration phase of JUST labels
  •  Design and host regenerative design educational experiences (see above)
  •  Connect the hub for the Europe based members of the Living Future  network
  •  Develop and facilitate a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for Europe-specific standard changes for the adoption of ILFI certification products