Promoted by Living Future Europe (LFE), together with the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and organised thanks to the passionate support of the LF Collaboratives from Europe, the LFE 2020 Meet-up on December 2nd has been the first online annual meeting gathering all ILFI members, Ambassadors and Collaboratives from Europe.

With attendees from 17 different European countries, LFE 2020 Meet-up has been an exciting day including presentations, workshops, discussions, virtual tours, breaks and networking opportunities. The intent was to close a complicated year but full of inspiring moments and milestones for us at LFE, while looking at the upcoming 2021 with optimism, hope and good plans. In a totally collaborative model, the agenda has been developed thanks to the commitment of our Collaboratives in Europe.

After an introduction with highlights from this year LFE’s activities by our President, Carlo Battisti, the LF French Collaborative hosted a couple of virtual project tours from France, Maison Feuillette – the oldest straw building in Europe (1920), in the village of Montargis, followed by a presentation of the Clichy-Batignolles Eco-district in Paris by Catherine Haas Adler of GA PARIS. A ‘building connections’ workshop with the aim to answer some crucial questions closed this first part moderated by Lenna Lockwood, Oscar Hernandez, Diana Ilina and Vitali Caplain.

Inspiring project stories and brilliant technical solutions followed in the session managed by Ana Dias and Julia Pérez Torres from the London Collaborative, featuring some LBC registered or certified projects in Europe: Cuerden Valley Visitor Centre (UK) by Martin Brown, Fairsnape/LFE, Nature Barn – Devon (UK) by Toby Diggens, Digg & Co., 6 Pancras Square – London by Andreas Gyr, Google and Cal Guerxo – Bresca (Spain) by Emmanuel Pauwels, Green Living Projects.

The LF German Collaborative with Zeinab Alameddine and Ming Fricke opened the afternoon with a comprehensive presentation on how LBC and the Zero Carbon certification combine with the UN SDGs, the EU Taxonomy framework and other green building standards in Europe.

And after that, a Pecha Kucha style session introduced by Francesco Perozzo of the LF Italian Collaborative was a parade of cool stories including: LF Italy Collaborative 2020 review (Francesco Perozzo, Italy), LBC on historic buildings: a case study (Bruno Deraedt, Belgium), Team EFdeN at the Solar Decathlon Europe (Omar Hamod, Romania), NION Haus: The first LBC wannabe in Germany (Naho Iguchi, Germany), Jump 2030 in Vienna (Marián Ontkóc, Slovakia), LF London Collaborative: Our Story so Far and Beyond (Julia Pérez Torres + Ana Dias), LF France Collaborative 2020 review (Andromaque Simon, France), ILFI programs in an apparently  saturated market (Gerrit-Jan Teunissen, The Netherlands), and Working with fractals (Rita Trombin, Italy).

Then, we made plans for the next year in a session full of insights and ideas with the brilliant moderation by Jonas Gremmelspacher from the LF Swedish Collaborative. And finally, we enjoyed a (virtual) happy hour time, with Sunni Wissmer from ILFI.

Thanks to all of you guys for working months to prepare this, thanks to all the attendees for joining us bringing your passion and expertise in the event, thanks to our main sponsors Manni Group and HMTX Industries for making this possible with your support along the year.

We did it. And it was a turning point. And now …? Stay tuned, all the best from Living Future Europe 😉