Living Future Europe is returning to Klimahouse, the most important green building exhibition and congress in Italy. In times of pandemics, Klimahouse goes digital – continuing its search for a built environment respectful of our planet and future generations. The new platform for the Klimahouse Community is a 3-day event with top speakers who will update you on the hottest topics in sustainable construction.

On Friday 29th January at 3 PM (UTC+1) in the framework of the ‘Health Academy’ Klimahouse program, our President Carlo Battisti will give a short lecture (in Italian language) on ‘5 myths to debunk about biophilia’, in conversation with Andrea Dell’Orto (Home, Health & Hi-Tech).

Often confused with “greenery at home”, the sense of biophilia is already a fundamental design variable for the affirmation of a new well-being level, more natural, sustainable, and measurable. This is also because biophilia in a building is no longer an abstract concept or a personal opinion, but the subject of design, verification, and certification. What are the requirements of a building designed according to biophilic principles? Speakers will guide you to discover biophilia as an element of value for human health and environmental sustainability.

Do you want to attend this event? Go to the stage and buy your Digital Pass now, providing you access to 3 days, 57 hours of live-streaming and 150 speakers.

[Photo courtesy of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens]