Biophilia as a revitalisation driver for an old department store in Berlin.

An old 11,000 m2 department store in Neukölln, Berlin, becomes a space for community, diversity, and empowerment.

NION is a non-profit initiative, a community collaboration movement to transform the massive former C&A shopping complex in Berlin into an eco-conscious centre of insightful local and international exchange, focusing equally on humans, animals, and plants.

Bridging West and East – especially Japan –, they are dedicated to progressing global socio-cultural areas of interest such as sustainability, climate protection, ownership through participation, equality and biophilia.

Living Future Europe supports NION Haus Neukölln, in bringing together forward-thinking innovators to define the best interoperable, modular system to use to repurpose a 11,000 m2 building in the heart of Berlin for urban planning, green sustainability, and society empowerment.

Biophilic design is an emerging field of architecture and the cornerstone of the NION Haus Neukölln initiative. It brings together multi stakeholders of a building or a site, ranging from local people to contractors, from a lighting designer to an urban ecologist, to walk through a co-creation process. It ignites people’s innate love and passion for nature and living beings. It utilizes not only the most advanced technologies for sustainable building but also old wisdom and knowledge. It unites divided people by giving more green open space and fresh air. It returns more habitats to animals and plants.

Want to be part of the generation of doers united in building a better future together? Want the investment in space to yield more than 4 walls? Want to benefit from being a stakeholder voice seen and heard?

From your pop-up to outpost to long term home – NION Haus Neukölln is specifically designed to support the evolving professional and personal journey of its community members with changing times. Inquire about getting space at NION Haus Neukölln.

NION Haus Neukölln is currently looking for international innovation partners to collaborate in the building design and planning process in the areas of:

  • Smart Building
  • Accessibility
  • Circular Economy (Waste-to-energy systems, Worm and fungus farms, cradle-to-cradle etc)
  • Smart Grid
  • Renewable Energies
  • (Rain)water Management
  • Lighting (HRC, Plant Lighting or Urban Farming)
  • Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Green Tech
  • Vertical Horticulture
  • Urban Farming (Terrapreta, Permaculture)
  • Hydro- and Aquaponics
  • Algae Systems

Apply here until October 31st, 2020!