Vienna jumps into 2030 with the 5th RESTORE Training School

5th and final #CostRestore Training School will take place in Vienna (Austria) on 21 to 25 September 2020. Applications submission deadline is August 10th, 2020. More information on how to apply and the contents here!

Vienna, 10th time in a row elected as most livable city in the world and European ‘capital’ of social housing seems to have all the ingredients of a successful urban environment. Despite these recognitions, the city is in a continuous struggle for general livability, affordable housing and acceptable implementations of smart technologies. These approaches are carried out in the background of sensational news, relaying on bold decisions, political facilitation and holistic planning. Broad ranging fields that define our urban environments and also this Viennese training school (TS) in September: ‘Jump 2030 – The Good Urban Life’.

The aim of the TS is the implementation of a holistic vision, a system thinking approach upon an existing Viennese quarter by using regenerative sustainable design principles. The challenge is to find a strategy that considers so called ‘Jumps’ which range from the district level to the in-between gaps. Interdisciplinary group work and a strong relation to the socio-cultural spirit of the district in general frame the TS topic of JUMP 2030 – ‘The Good Urban Life’.

A dense education program is going to be finalised, with a kick-off talk by Living Future Europe President Carlo Battisti on Monday 21st September introducing the ILFI Living Community Challenge framework. Stay tuned 🙂