The built environment sector (supply, design, construction, manage), despite decades (of reports, training, strategies, legislation) is simply not making real progress within the sustainability agenda. Business as Usual, only reducing impact, remains the dominant, degenerative discourse. A discourse that has allowed most players to hide behind a mask of doing as little as possible. There is a real and urgent need to now scale jump from the few regenerative (buildings, materials, places, organisations) to where regenerative solutions are the dominant mindsets, approaches and methodologies.

One of the areas where we at Living Future Europe deem a faster and more effective progress is needed is education and communication. On one hand we need to train new generations of practitioners to make living buildings real and solve the sticky bottlenecks (technical, industrial, financial, cultural) in order to scale up our impact. On the other hand, we need to communicate constantly in an invigorating way that regenerative buildings, products, companies, and communities are vital, technically feasible, ecologically robust, and economically viable.

To achieve these goals, we have established the ‘LFE Masterclass. Regenerative + Agile’, an online educational program running between September and December 2021, where we want to address the ‘why‘, the ‘what‘ and the ‘how‘.

  • Why – the rationale and urgency behind the need for a paradigm shift in the built environment design, construction and building management.
  • What – the most advanced applicable frameworks that developers, designers, builders, manufacturers can adopt to achieve this new type of regenerative buildings.
  • How – sound and robust examples and best practices immediately applicable, coming from the experience of our first more than 750 ILFI registered building projects globally.

The Masterclass will include synchronous and asynchronous activities, with a balanced mix of insights, practical examples, and tools.  We will work according to an Agile Framework using Agile tools and practices.

Full positive attendance to the program will provide trainees the opportunity to take part at a hybrid event to be organised concurrent with the next COP26 (2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference), in Glasgow (1-12 November 2021).

This initiative falls within our partnership with the New European Bauhaus. This will include a series of presentations by and for the trainees describing how the seven Petals of LBC are aligned with the NEB. Moreover, in a hands-on training approach, we will present case studies of LBC registered or certified buildings in Europe, that represent leading examples for the ambition of the NEB initiative.

Interested to apply?

Pre-register at this link (not binding for the following registration, but mandatory if you want to proceed with the application afterwards).

Important deadlines and dates:

  • Pre-registration | Expression of interest (online form): 15 July 2021
  • Early bird registration: 31 July 2021
  • Final registration: 15 Aug 2021
  • Program: 20 Sep – 15 Dec 2021

Pre-register and stay tuned 😉

Interested in sponsoring the ‘LFE Masterclass. Regenerative + Agile’?
Write to LFE to know more about the sponsorship opportunities 🙂

[Image: VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada – LBC certified | Courtesy of Perkins+Will / The International Living Future Institute]