Following our open call last May, we are excited and honoured to announce the selected members of the brand new Living Future Europe Technical Advisory Group (TAG), representing a wide range of expertise and countries in Europe and covering the key topics addressed by the Living Building Challenge seven Petals.

The Technical Advisory Group already met for the kick-off meeting last July, and started working on some key tasks, including:

  • specific regional standard changes for the adoption of ILFI certification products
  • crosswalk documents on ILFI programs and other standards or policies relevant to the European market
  • harmonisation between ILFI programs and the existing / in progress regulations at a European or National level

After completing a challenging selection process, here is the line-up of passionate experts on ILFI programs and related topics, (regenerative design construction and economy, European, national, regional, or local regulations) willing to support the acceleration in the paradigm shift and transform the built environment scenario in Europe 🙂

  • Alexandros Galatoulas (Greece) PM and Technical Advisor for Sustainable Development and BIM implementation.
  • Andrea Fornasiero (Italy) Building Physics & Sustainability Engineer.
  • Anna Williamson (United Kingdom) Building Solutions Research Manager.
  • Eduardo Blanco (France) Biomimicry and Regenerative Cities expert.
  • Gerrit-Jan Teunissen (Netherlands) Consultant in energy, sustainability, and health.
  • Gianluca Mannella (Italy) Chemical Process Developer at Manni Group.
  • Jonas Gremmelspacher (Sweden) Environmental Engineer.
  • Lenna Lockwood (France) Interior designer committed to occupants health and well-being.
  • Loredana Stasisin (Romania) Architectural Heritage Specialist.
  • Marián Ontkóc (Slovakia) Architect and ecological enthusiast.
  • Nina-Cristina Ditoiu (Romania) Senior Architect, Research Assistant.
  • Paola Villoria Saez (Spain) Building Engineer, Associate Professor.
  • Veronica Cassatella (Switzerland) Sustainability Consultant, Built Environment & Infrastructures.
  • Zeinab Alameddine (Germany) Consultant – Building Certification, Simulation & Energy Efficiency.

You can find their detailed profile and expertise (through the lens of the LBC petals) at this page.

Stay tuned on the TAG activities, following LFE on our social media.