An amazing first edition of the Living Future Europe’s Biophilia Camp is over, and we all feel inspired and in a state of grace.

Biophilia Camp 2022 has been an immersion in nature, three days together [30 September – 3 October] at FeliZitas, in the woods of South Tyrol, to learn and apply the principles of biophilic design, in an experience that combined biology and agile management, architecture and psychology, engineering and regenerative sustainability.

In a truly peer to peer model of collaboration among like-minded biophilic passionate professionals from all over Europe and abroad (Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Spain, United Kingdom and the USA) we learned, reflected and created. We discovered the immense potential of biophilia and how through a biophilic design approach we are able to implement elements of nature into our buildings, achieving incredibly effective results of regenerative sustainability and well-being.

In a dense program combining frontal lessons, experiential training, workshops, case studies, outdoor and exploration, group project works, and storytelling, we discovered ourselves, while learning from nature and experiencing her healing, reinvigorating effect.

We adopted a multidisciplinary approach, including biophilia, biophilic design, regenerative sustainability, architecture, engineering, constructions, biology, psychology, mindfulness, yoga, agile management, indoor and outdoor training, surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites’ environment, and supported by the Living Building Challenge and the robust biophilic design literature.

Nothing of this would have been possible without the magical contribution of a group of brilliant minds and splendid professionals. Once again thanks to all of you, each of you individually and collectively. Thank you for making this possible to:

Bettina Bolten, Carlo Battisti, Cristina Larcher, Elizabeth Calabrese, Floriana Calise, Giulia Battisti, Lenna Lockwood, Malgorzata Lisowska, Martin Brown, Monica Delgado, Naho Iguchi, Natali Ghawi, Nuria Muñoz, Paola Girolametto, Rita Trombin, Serena Joury, with the remote support of Alaïa Giglio, Ava Calvano, Brittney Boudwin, and Erin Rovalo from the International Living Future Institute.

A special thanks to the Municipality of Senale-San Felice | Unsere Liebe Frau im Walde-St. Felix for the great support and collaboration, as well as to all the local businesses and suppliers involved. And obviously to FeliZitas, the amazing Ivo Passler & family.

‘Reconnecting with nature will save our society.’
– the BC22 team, Autumn 2022

And now, what’s next?

Stay tuned (and save your spot for the Biophilia Camp 2023) 😉

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Information and pre-registration (declaration of interest) here